Basic Analysis

1) General settings:

IDs from the following species are analysed: BOVINE, HUMAN, RAT, MOUSE, GOAT and SHEEP

Select your species:

2) Input IDs:

Use a sample file:

Example of IDs that can be used: Q15848 or ADIPO_HUMAN or ADIPOQ or gi|62022275 (or login and use ProteCONVERT to get right IDs)





Input file tutorial : How to create my input file? Which file can I use?

3) Settings:

Settings for this basic analysis : Gene Ontology / Signal Peptide prediction / Interactions research within the input dataset (IntAct / UniProtKB / BioGrid).
(powered with Psicquic and SignalP 4.1)

Psicquic webservice status: ONLINE

Start the analysis

You have to select an input file or paste your ID to be allow to run an analysis.