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ProteINSIDE is a new workflow to analyse lists of protein or gene identifiers from ruminant species and gather biological information provided by functional annotations, putative secretion of proteins and proteins interactions networks. ProteINSIDE gets results from several software and databases with a single query. From a unique list, ProteINSIDE uses orthologs identifiers within well studied species (Human, Rat or Mouse) to extend analyses and biological information retrieval.

Here are the species that can be used with this webservice: BOVINE, HUMAN, RAT, MOUSE, GOAT and SHEEP.

Please cite ProteINSIDE:

  • 2015 - Kaspric N, Picard B, Reichstadt M, Tournayre J, and Bonnet M.
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  • 2015 - Nicolas Kaspric, Matthieu Reichstadt, Brigitte Picard, Jérémy Tournayre, and Muriel Bonnet
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Here you can use this "SAMPLE" analysis to view each part of a basic proteins dataset analysis.
This sample is made of 133 proteins (1 duplicate): 34 proteins related to the glycolysis cycle, 11 proteins from the respiratory chain, 5 proteins from the tricarboxylic acid cycle, 79 hormones or secreted proteins, and proteins with very specific functions unrelated to the others.

You can find more informations about: Results sections, webservice modules, type of analysis... on the "Tutorials" section.

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ProteINSIDE has already analysed 141594 unique proteins.