Input files

EXCEL files (xls / xlsx)

You can use 2003 to higher Excel's versions.

Excel files must contain at least: ranks / names of your samples / IDs, in this order.

Default Excel file format :

Rank Other Rank or sample name UniProtKB ID or UniProtKB Accession number or Gene Name Supplements
1 1 ALBU_BOVIN supp
2 sample_1 P15690 supp
3 Heat shock protein beta-1 HSPB1 supp
4 Unknowprotein_2 P13121 supp

TAB or TXT files

Both file formats come form of a "text document" and information are separated by tabs. They may have an extension ".txt" or ". tab" only.

You can use this text editor to realize this files : notepad++, WordPad, or NoteBook.

Structure of a TAB file or a TXT file must be like this : "RANK" tabulation "Other RANK or NAME" tabulation "IDENTIFIANT".

Samples files :

You can download an Excel file as a sample : Download

You can download an TXT file as a sample : Download

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