Tutorial : How to perform a "Preset analysis" ?


"Preset Analaysis" are only available for connected users beacuse visitors have no login and "Preset Analysis" require a login to generate previous job of a specific user.

How to creat a new job with this analysis?

1) To realyze a job with preset settings analysis, use the "Preset Analysis" button in the main menu [1].

Basic Analysis menu

2) There is 2 choices to create a job [2]. You can use an input file or directly add your ID. The input file must be inferior to 250kb / 8000 IDs and must specify the extension. There is also a "Sample" button that loads parameters for an example of analysis.

Basic Analysis settings

How to use previous job's settings?

3) There is a drop-down list with the name of previous jobs [3] : just click on the previous job of your choice (we will take "job3_test_NK" for this example).

If you d'ont remember the settings of a job, you can show them with the hide table under this drop-down list [4].

Hide table with previous jobs settings

How to register my new job?

4) Once everything is completed, click on the button "analysis" [4] to save the job.

Record the job

Keep an eye on your job

1) When the job is register, a special page appear and give the "Access code" (1) and a link (2) that you can put on your favorite to keep an eye on your job. Keep an eye on your job