Tutorial : The user's interface?

How to use it?

1) This main menu [1] provides access to the user's view ("Home") from anywhere on the website.
- You can also have the acces to the Tutorials.
- There is the About ProteINSIDE section where there is the list version of the tools used and DB, the current version of ProteINSIDE (DB, workflow and web inteface) and the citations.
- User can access to the News section where last updates and futhers maintenances of ProteINSIDE.
- Finally you can "Disconnect" your session (or "Connect" your session).

"Home" button gives you access to the home page of the website. "User Interface" nutton gives you access to your private account.

Main menu

2) Thank to this navigation bar you can creat new jobs with : "Basic Analysis", "Custom Analysis" and "Results access" menus. You can see the load of the pipeline (average percentage of server overload)[2]. (there is a "Preset Analysis" menu for register Users)

Navigation bar

3) In this second part of the user's view, you can review each job on your session [4]. The table can be sort by job's name, the type of analysis used, date of creation of the job and the job's status. The "blue earth" button gives you access to the online results view. "Trash" and "Reload" button deletes and restarts your job respectivly.

User's jobs

What means every icons?

Tooltip: give a short information, trick or link when user put the mouse on it.

Job status icons:
Green circle : means that the job is done.
Red circle : job is on pending list, which mean that the pipeline did not took it into the cycle of analysis.
Yellow circle : the job is running.
Blue circle : mean that's there was a problem on the job and an administrator attempts to correct it.
Error button : there is a problem on this job and an administrator will try to correct it.
Delete button : this button will delete your job from the server (irreversible).
Cancel button : this button will cancel your job from the server (irreversible).

Results icons:
Pipeline info : this button show you the current step of the pipeline for a job (if there is a mistake you can check where it is). When the job is done, this button disappear.
Results web-access : you can also access to the online results view by clicking on this button.
Excel file : you can download results as an Excel file by clicking on this button.
Raw text file : you can download results as an raw text file by clicking on this button (it can be : raw text, tab raw text, xml, cys = cytoscape format files).
Cytoscape web API : you can see interactome of PPi by using the cytoscape web API with this button.